No clouds

If the news reports are right, our little part of the world is experiencing one of the driest summers in the past 150 years. With only about two inches of rain since our snow melted, this has been a tough summer.  We’ve done all we can to protect our land including selling cows and buying hay.  We have spent years trying to build soil, but this has been a year to try not to lose ground.

Silver linings

The Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA)

While we haven’t enjoyed the weather much, this has been a great summer overall!  We were honoured to receive Saskatchewan’s TESA award this summer.  This award recognized cattle producers for excellence in protecting and enhancing the environment. Winning the award gave us the chance to attend the Canadian Beef Industry Conference, and meet environmental award recipients from the other provinces. It was inspiring to hear about the great work others are doing for the environment and their communities. You can read an article about the award here.

Family receiving environmental stewardship award on stage

Our family receiving the Saskatchewan TESA Award in Moose Jaw in June.

Great partnerships

Working with some great people to sell our beef has also been a highlight!  We’ve been lucky to sell our beef through Local & Fresh in Regina and Weyburn, and to sell beef to Reid’s Artisanal Butchery.  It’s been such a good learning experience for us to work with Greg Reid, and learn more about beef from the point of view of a chef and butcher.

My takeaway from this summer is that while we do have to deal with the realities of life, we shouldn’t spend time dwelling on what we can’t change. Weather will always be a challenge to those of us who earn our living from the land. Let’s celebrate our successes, and those of others.

But I still can’t help checking out the window for clouds each morning…