Our family got our first pigs in 2016 and we are hooked! They are such curious and social animals. We keep a small number of pigs over the summer, with pork available for sale starting in late fall each year.  Box H Farm buys our pigs from a neighbour when they are ready to be weaned. three pigs in deep grass

We have a portable pig enclosure and we use electric fencing. This allows us to easily move the pigs at least once week so they have new places to explore and forage. Our pigs are free-ranging on small pasture paddocks. We feed grain and vegetable scraps as well as milk to the pigs, since they are omnivores like us.

You’ll love the taste of this pastured pork!

Jeremy recommends: side pork.

Ready to buy?

Our pork has been selling our locally but we are now taking pre-orders for November 2018! Book your 1/2 pork or get more info about our pastured pork by getting in touch with us. Visit our contact page here.