Axten Family Farms Grain

Axten Farm’s grains are grown with their motto of “Loyal to the Soil” in mind. This means that every action taken on the farm considers the effect on the soil microbes and environment. They are a no-till farm that uses regenerative practices, that allow them to work toward bringing life back to their soil, farm, and community. Caring for the soil allows the microbes to feed the plants the nutrients they need from the soil and produce healthy plants. Axten Farm’s grains are non-GMO and glyphosate free.

Golden Flax seed

Whole flax seed (1 kg bag)

Maple Peas

Whole maple peas (1 kg bag)

Red Fife

Whole grain Red Fife wheat (1 kg bag)


Whole grain spelt (1 kg bag)

Yellow Mustard

Whole yellow mustard seed (1 kg bag)