Grassfed beef

Our beef is grass fed and finished. This means our cattle are not fed grain, but instead eat grass, hay and other forages. Cattle graze for as much of the year as possible, and when fed hay, they are still on pasture with space to behave naturally.

Cross Rib Roast

100% grassfed cross rib beef roast
$9.75/lb. Avg. 4 lb.

Eye of Round Roast

Grassfed beef roast
$9.65/lb. Avg. 4 lb.

Ribeye Roast

Limited supply item
$13.50/lb. Avg. 3.75 lb.

Sirloin Tip Roast

A delicious grassfed rump roast
$10.25/lb. Avg. 3.85 lb.