Beef Stew Meat

Grassfed beef stewing meat, frozen in 1lb packages (approx)
$7.50/lb. Avg. 1lb .

Beef Tongue

100% grassfed beef tongue
$3.00/lb. Avg. 2.6lb .

Beeswax lip balm

Tube of beeswax lip balm

Blade Roast

1 grassfed blade roast
$9.00/lb. Avg. 3.7lb .

Creamed cinnamon honey

Creamed honey with cinnamon in a 375 ml glass jar

Creamed cinnamon honey (large)

Creamed honey with cinnamon in a 750 ml glass jar

Cross Rib Roast

100% grassfed cross rib beef roast
$9.00/lb. Avg. 4.2lb .

Eye of Round Roast

Grassfed beef roast
$9.00/lb. Avg. 5lb .

Fall Meals Box

A mix of beef cuts for fall suppers

Flank Steak

1 flank steak, whole
$11.75/lb. Avg. 1.3lb .

Grassfed Beef Dog Bones

Bones for your dog, grassfed beef

Ground pork

1lb of frozen, regular ground pork
$6.50/lb. Avg. 1.05lb .

Half beef (deposit)

A 1/2 beef, cut to your specifications


Pasture-raised and cured ham
$8.50/lb. Avg. 4.5lb .

Honey squeeze bear

325 ml liquid honey plastic squeeze

Inside Round Roast

Grassfed beef roast, also called top round
$9.00/lb. Avg. 3.5lb .

Large glass jar creamed honey

750 ml jar of creamed honey

Lean Ground Beef

Single package of lean ground beef, pricing in $/lb.
$8.00/lb. Avg. 1.1lb .

Maple beef sausage

Beef sausage with a hint of maple
$10.75/lb. Avg. 1.5lb .