What we do

We raise grass finished beef, pastured pork and honey bees on the farm. Our farm is a mixture of native grassland and seeded pastures in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Saskatchewan. We promote healthy soil and grass by planning our grazing and moving pigs and cows frequently.  Cattle are a great fit for our landscape. The steep hills and many prairie potholes make it unsuitable for grain farming.  Our whole family pitches in to make the farm run smoothly! We love spending time on this land we are so fortunate to live and work on.cows on grass in pasture

What we don’t do

At Box H Farm, we don’t use artificial growth hormones. They just aren’t necessary for us to produce great beef. We will not use antibiotics to treat the animals you buy.  Our grass fed beef is just that, we don’t feed any grain. Our family raises pigs on pasture with lots of places to root, moved to new grass often and supplemented with grain.  We don’t believe in keeping animals in close confinement. Our cows calve on pastures in the spring. We find that with lots of space and green grass, calving happens a lot more easily – as nature intended!  Even in winter, our cattle are out on pasture or hayland, with portable windbreaks for shelter and bales or swaths to graze.

kids with pigs on grass

We don’t have all the answers!

We are always striving to learn new and better ways to manage our land and livestock! At Box H Farm it’s important to us to keep up with the best management practices to benefit our cattle, the grass and the earth, but we know we have lots to learn. We are working to bring more diversity to our tame, seeded forages.  We are finding ways to better manage our hay land to return more organic matter to the soil and to keep the soil microbes as happy as our cattle are.  A more complex mix of pasture species will be good for the soil, good for the cattle and great for our honey bees and native pollinators as well.