Laura and Mark Hoimyr, owners of Box H Farm

Who We Are

We are Mark and Laura Hoimyr. Our family farm is located near Gladmar, in southern Saskatchewan. We are fortunate to live just a few miles down the road from the farm Mark grew up on, and to work with Mark’s parents, Lyle and Judy.

Our Vision

Our vision includes continuing to challenge ourselves to keep learning and to build a landscape that integrates livestock, wildlife and people.  Our hope is that the farm will continue to be a place where we want to spend time enjoying the land!

Practices we employ on our farm include managed grazing to keep our fragile soils covered and plants green and growing for as much of the year as possible, as well as bale grazing and year-round grazing to keep our animals out on the land instead of in corrals. We move our cattle often (every day or more frequently in summer) so that we don't overgraze pastures and plants have lots of time to rest and recover. We are planting trees and shrubs and improving the diversity of forage plants we grow so that there is habitat for wildlife on our farm. Studies have shown that "edges" where two different habitats meet have the highest biological diversity, so we are creating these spaces wherever we can.

We work hard to improve the land and environment where we raise our livestock.  We raise delicious, real food that you can be proud to feed your family.  By supporting us, you are actively participating in regenerating a healthy and thriving ecosystem. We’d love to have you stop by for a visit and see how we do things!

  • Box H Farm being interviewed about their grassfed beef and pastured pork
  • Box H Farm won the 2017 Tesa Award
  • Pigs foraging in the grass at Box H Farm
  • Cows grazing at Box H Farm
  • Box H Farm at the farmers market
  • Box of Box H Farm meat being delivered to Regina Saskatchewan
  • Laura holding up bees at Box H Farm
  • checking on the cows at Box H Farm
  • Cow and her calf at Box H Farm

Shop our products

Buy products directly from the farm! Browse our online store and order today for farm pick up or have your items delivered to Regina or Estevan. We’re proud to offer our 100% grassfed beef, pasture-raised pork and honey from our farm, as well as grains from Axten Farms.