Grassfed Beef

Our beef is grass fed and finished. This means our cattle are not fed grain, but instead eat grass, hay and other forages. Cattle graze for as much of the year as possible, and when fed hay, they are still on pasture with space to behave naturally.

We do not use growth hormones.We do not believe that it is right to say that animals should not be given antibiotics. Rather, we will use antibiotics for animals that are sick or injured and require them, but we do not administer low-dose antibiotics at sub-therapeutic levels.We find that animals raised with plenty of space on grass do not have much need for antibiotics or other medications. If an animal does require treatment, they will not be included in our grassfed beef program.

We plan our grazing every year to provide adequate rest and recovery for the pastures. On our native prairie this means that it gets a full year of rest between grazing. We feel this improves the soil health and diversity of the plant community while also providing space for wildlife to thrive.

Our grazing is a short-duration but intensive graze and the cattle are moved often to prevent overgrazing. This means daily moves in the growing season and moving every 2-5 days in the dormant season.

The most important part of our grazing program is observation. We spend time walking our pastures and observing the land and the cattle and then we adapt what we're doing if needed.

Pastured Pork

We raise a small number of pigs from weanlings to butcher weight each year. Our pigs are moved frequently to fresh pastures. We believe that pigs should be allowed to behave naturally, and have space to root and explore. Besides being allowed to forage in the grass and trees, pigs are supplemented with grain. All the grain we feed our pigs comes from Axten Farms, a unique grain farm that focuses on soil health using regenerative farming practices (and owned by Mark's sister Tannis and her husband Derek). Learn more about Axten Farms here.  

Axten Family Farms Grain

Axten Farm’s grains are grown with their motto of “Loyal to the Soil” in mind. This means that every action taken on the farm considers the effect on the soil microbes and environment. They are a no-till farm that uses regenerative practices, that allow them to work toward bringing life back to their soil, farm, and community. Caring for the soil allows the microbes to feed the plants the nutrients they need from the soil and produce healthy plants. Axten Farm’s grains are non-GMO and glyphosate free.

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Buy products directly from the farm! Browse our online store and order today for farm pick up or have your items delivered to Regina or Estevan. We’re proud to offer our 100% grassfed beef, pasture-raised pork and honey from our farm, as well as grains from Axten Farms.