Feel good about the food you eat!

At Box H Farm, our family works with nature to raise healthy livestock on healthy land.  We raise grass-finished beef and pastured pork as well as honey bees on the farm. Our land is a mixture of native grassland and seeded pastures in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Saskatchewan. We promote healthy soil and grass.

Our farm

The health of the land and livestock is a priority at Box H. We plan our grazing and move our pigs and cows frequently to fresh ground.  Cattle are a great fit for our landscape. The steep hills and many prairie potholes make it unsuitable for grain farming.  Our whole family pitches in to make the farm run smoothly and we love spending time on this land we are so fortunate to live and work on.

Get to know us

We hope you’ll get to know the story of our farm and share it with your own family. At Box H Farm we have a strong belief that cooking a meal as a family and sitting down together to share it makes a world of difference in the way your family sees food.  Sharing meals and our food stories also builds great relationships. We’d love it if you’d drop by and see how we do things here and enjoy a “taste” of what we love to do! No time to visit in person? Check out our online store and get in touch to learn about delivery options! Browse our website to learn more about what we do.

The Hoimyr family in front of barn

Mark and Laura, Anna and Jeremy Hoimyr