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Beef Subscriptions

We offer subscription sign-up in January each year. Subscriptions are now closed for 2023. Our beef subscriptions are a way to book in the previous year's pricing on a large amount of beef (mixed half, mixed quarter or 100 lbs of ground beef) but pay for it when you'd like delivery anytime throughout the year. You pay a deposit in January and then have until December 31 to place all the orders you committed to. If you'd like to be on a reminder list for 2024 beef subscriptions, contact us at or on the contact us page.

What if I can't find a pickup location near me?

We currently deliver to Estevan and Regina. If you cannot find a location near you, and would like to propose a new pickup spot please email us at and we will keep in touch with you about opportunities in your area. We are more likely to select your proposed location if you have a group of buyers who would use the location, and if you have parking space available.

How does your ordering work?

You simply choose the pick up location closest to you (we deliver monthly), then place your order. 

The day before delivery, we will enter the exact weight of your items and charge your card for the final amount due (you will see an authroization on your card when you go through the checkout, but we don't capture final payment until we weigh your items). We will notify you by email that your order is packed and ready to go!

Can I order by phone instead of online?

If you prefer to place your order with us by phone, just give us a call and we can put together your order and deliver to one of our pickup locations. 

Do you also provide home delivery?

We may be able to deliver to your home address on the days we deliver to your city, or nearest location. The delivery time will be before or after the pickup location's time. Contact us to confirm it will work and then go ahead and place an order for the nearest location (for example, if you live in Regina, place an order for Regina Body Fuel Organics and we can deliver to your home the day we deliver to Body Fuel). Delivery is free if your order is $200 or more. 

Do you sell beef as halves or wholes?

Yes, we do sell a limited number as halves and wholes, usually in late summer and early fall. We sell based on hanging weight and you choose how the animal is cut up. Contact us and place a deposit so we can save one for you!If you haven't purchased beef this way before, read this blog post first, to find out more about buying based on hanging weight.

How does farm pickup work?

Farm pickups are scheduled for certain dates, but other dates may be available. Contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

I already placed my order but want to make changes, what do I do?

As long as the order deadline for your pickup location hasn't passed, you can contact us to modify your order.

What do I do if I can't make it to pick up my order?

If you are not able to pick up your order, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid a restocking fee. You can modify your order at any time until the delivery deadline has passed.  If you are unable to cancel your order online, please contact us.

If we bring your order to the pickup location and you do not arrive, we will refund your purchase, minus a $10 restocking fee.

Where else can I buy your products?

You can purchase our products are the following retailers in Regina:

Local & Fresh, The Local Market

Body Fuel Organics

Lakeview Fine Foods

Dad's Organic Market in both Regina and Saskatoon!

You can also try our beef in the grassfed burgers at the Lancaster in Regina!

Is it possible to tour the farm?

We're happy to host visitors when our schedule allows! Get in touch with us to arrange a tour. 

What do you mean by 100% grassfed beef?

It is really important to us that cattle are allowed to behave as they naturally want to, and for this reason we keep them on pasture and allow them to graze for as much of the year as possible. We also feed hay in the winter for a short period of time. We do not feed grain or finish on grain. 

Do you use growth hormones and antibiotics?

We do not use growth hormones.

We do not believe that it is right to say that animals should not be given antibiotics. Rather, we will use antibiotics for animals that are sick or injured and require them, but we do not administer low-dose antibiotics at sub-therapeutic levels.

We find that animals raised with plenty of space on grass do not have much need for antibiotics or other medications. If an animal does require treatment, they will not be included in our grassfed beef program.

I have more questions about how your animals are raised. Where can I learn more?

You can view our protocols pageto read about how we raise our livestock. If you have further questions, we're happy to answer them! Use our contact form to email your questions to us or to arrange a visit to the farm. 

Shop our products

Buy products directly from the farm! Browse our online store and order today for farm pick up or have your items delivered to Regina or Estevan. We’re proud to offer our 100% grassfed beef, pasture-raised pork and honey from our farm, as well as grains from Axten Farms.